Become an unstoppable leader through the power of business storytelling


story Coaching, workshops, projects So you can:

  • Ignite your organization with just the right story
  • Spark and sustain innovation/creativity using storytelling tools and processes
  • Find the stories in your big data to make it meaningful and actionable
  • Send your customer satisfaction numbers to the top with the power of collective storytelling
  • Share stories to guide staff, eliminating the need to constantly supervise them
  • Hire and retain talent because they are attracted to your story and want to live it
  • Connect and lead across generations since you know how to use stories for breaking down barriers
  • Transform your company, because you are telling the right story at just the right time
  • Experience the magic of your own personal transformation storytelling can bring to the table

These are just some of the ways business storytelling can make a big contribution to your leadership or organization.

You have influence -- and business gets done -- because your story captures the hearts and minds of others; not because of business speak, elevator speeches, charts, graphs or bulletpoints. 

Join Karen today (bestselling author, speaker, trainer, coach) to generate results more easily through the power of business storytelling.

Results like better leadership, engagement, influence, change, market share, and profits.

My joy is turning you into a masterful influential storyteller who has huge influence and grows business. My motto says it all: “If you want results, just story it!”

How? Through coaching, workshops, and specialized story projects.

My clients have included Walt Disney Imagineering, NorthFace, Chase Manhattan Bank, Avery Dennison, Thrivent Financial, Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Just In Time for Foster Youth, and Princess Cruises.

In 2013 I was recruited by John Wiley to write the bestselling book "Business Storytelling for Dummies" (2013) which I wrote with Lori Silverman. I've also contributed to 8 other works in the field.

If you want more free business storytelling resources, I've created the world's largest free library on the topic with 15,700+ followers at

And check out my 2013 TEDx talk below on the power of story listening. I look forward to working with you!

"It turns out that stories are a — if not the — leadership answer of our time." Tom Peters, management guru

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