Growing your impact and influence in a data driven world

With Karen Dietz, PhD -- maximizing compelling communication for Technology & Life Science leaders

For technology and life science leaders to be effective and be at the top of their game, they need to continually develop and hone their:

  1. Abilities to guide other ins finding actionable insights from data
  2. Tell the data story with impact
  3. Build connections and relationships across the organization
  4. Deliver presentations that inspire and influence
  5. Convey a compelling technology vision that engages
  6. Deliver narratives that move people to action
  7. Develop word-of-mouth marketing that wins the talent wars

Otherwise your ability to connect fast, move fast, innovate fast, and influence fast dramatically suffers.

It's time to turn data into communication that moves people, share in powerful ways that brings you the resources you need, and use next gen principles to find insights from data that deliver business value.

Never be boring and don't get left behind.

Be inspiring

Have more impact & influence

Realize your technology and business Goals

With the power of impactful communication, you have influence, and business gets done.

You authentically and meaningfully connect with others.

You gain accelerated leadership, influence, engagement, alignment, and higher performing teams.

Compelling communication is at the heart of every business event -- large or small. Join Karen today (bestselling author, speaker, coach) to easily generate more results through the power of impactful communication.

Clients have included Walt Disney Imagineering, Citrix, California Bank & Trust, Avery Dennison, Thrivent Financial, Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Princess Cruises, to name just a few.

Bestseller written by Karen Dietz & Lori Silverman

Bestseller written by Karen Dietz & Lori Silverman

Karen was recruited by John Wiley to write the bestselling book "Business Storytelling for Dummies" which she wrote with Lori Silverman. She has also contributed to 8 other top ranked books in the field.

Karen is a TEDx speaker who opened the 2013 San Diego TEDx event.

"I view the role of IT, the role of the CIO as being frankly one of the most important, if not the most important role at the leadership table today. Because company CIOs that can’t understand how to use technology to change their business models are going to find themselves somewhat out of jobs” — Jeff Immelt, CEO, GE (speaking at an IT Conference, quoted this as his biggest piece of advice for CIOs)

Thank you for introducing me to the world of narrative Karen. Because of you I can much more effectively communicate briefer, stronger, more memorable messages, and I feel much more confident in accepting speaking engagements.
Alan Sorkin, CEO Premier Asset Management.
“It would be difficult to place a value on the incredible work that Karen Dietz has done with me. What I have discovered is that narrative is the basic driver of all my leadership work, especially for financial fluency. . The essence of storytelling is the broadest and only context for expansive internal leadership development. It is on the bedrock of the work that this leadership journey is founded on.” Alan E Shelton, Author Awakened Leadership
“I have worked with Karen in developing my own narrative abilities. She’s a marvelous coach and a wonderful guide through the journey of becoming a master at influence. I highly recommend her.” Ozzie Gontang Vistage Group Chair San Diego, CA
“What can I say — you inspired me to tell our company story, and then I was able to excite everyone by just telling our story! It is unbelievable how by changing my approach I was able to have the people in the company think differently. I was able to express my thought in words and writing like never before. Antonio Porras, CTO, Telena Communications
“When our folks first start working with Karen they have nerves, fears and butterflies. After working with her they shine. Our storytelling is up and our fundraising results are higher than ever. Just one story raised $75,000 thanks to her efforts. Recently 3 stories at our Gala raised $300,000.” Don Wells, Executive Director, Just in Time for Foster Youth
“This was a far richer experience than I envisioned. Although it satisfied my questions technically, there were far more insights gained from this course in being influential. Karen has a gift for sharing info and her insights but also facilitating an environment for others to be open, learn and share. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.” Jean Knowles, President, Spencer Fluid Power
“This 5-day experience in compelling communication was everything I hoped for and more. It gave me the gift of trusting my inner flow, and the confidence to hold the space in front of an audience. Karen created a transformative experience. I came afraid I didn’t have it in me; I leave confident that I do.”
Jennifer Lunden

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