Wouldn't you want to learn how Technology leaders are influencing multiple areas of their organizations?

...From winning the talent wars, to building high performing teams, to generating data insights

In today’s fast-paced world, you need to be increasingly effective and at the top of your game like never before. You’ve got to connect fast, innovate fast, and influence fast. Yet:

  • 75% of technology leaders want better data analytics skills in their organizations
  • 67% want a higher performing culture
  • 65% say they have trouble influencing stakeholders across the org
  • 65% are struggling for talent*

common experiences include:

  • Wasting time on data insights with little return
  • Speaking a lackluster technology vision that keeps you in the middle of the pack
  • Getting hamstrung by weak relationships and minimal influence in spots across the organization
  • A non-aligned culture that gets you further behind
  • Losing talent to competitors

Storytelling that moves people

Narrative Processes, tools, and techniques to:

  • Find actionable insights from data that delivers business value
  • Convey a compelling technology vision that engages everyone
  • Build powerful relationships across the organization to realize that vision
  • Cultivate a high performing culture of aligned and committed members
  • Develop word-of-mouth marketing that wins the talent wars

Let us show you how to use next gen principles for... 

  • Using specialized narrative processes for unearthing actionable data insights that bring business value
  • Leveraging the power of impactful communication so you have greater influence across the business
  • Gaining accelerated leadership, engagement, alignment, and higher performing teams

Be inspiring

Have more impact & influence

Realize your technology and business Goals

“What can I say — you inspired me to tell our company story, and then I was able to excite everyone by just telling our story! It is unbelievable how by changing my approach I was able to have the people in the company think differently. I was able to express my thought in words and writing like never before.” Antonio Porras, CTO, Telena Communications
“This was a far richer experience than I envisioned. Although it satisfied my questions technically, there were far more insights gained from this course in being influential. Karen has a gift for sharing info and her insights but also facilitating an environment for others to be open, learn and share. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.” Jean Knowles, President, Spencer Fluid Power

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*Navigating Legacy: Charting The Course To Business Value. 2016-2017 Global CIO Survey. Deloitte University Press