My Future Story: The Light we create together


There is no stronger connection between people than storytelling. But you know, in the beginning there was only vast darkness. Yet in at a moment in time, from the heart of this vast darkness emerged the light of the world. And all the light of the world, the wholeness of the world, the wisdom of the world was stored in many beautiful vessels so it would always be preserved. 

But then — as often happens — there was an accident, and the vessels containing the light of the world, the wholeness of the world, the wisdom of the world broke. And all of this light, wholeness, and wisdom was scattered throughout the universe as thousands and thousands points of light. Those thousands and thousands points of light fell into ALL events and ALL people, where they remain to this very day. 

Now, according to the wise ones, the whole human race is a response to this accident. We are here because we are born with the capacity to go deep and find that hidden light in all events and all people, to lift it up and make it visible once again — to restore the innate wholeness of the world. And this task is called the “restoration of the world”.

We can go deep to discover this light — these nuggets of wisdom — within our stories. It’s through the sharing of our stories and sharing the light and wisdom contained within, that we restore the world. And that’s what I experience every day with clients. 

You too—through your story mastery—can go deep, find that light and wisdom, achieve extraordinary outcomes, and leave a lasting impact.

Because in the end, story mastery means that you can take your story skills and the journey you’ve traveled  — sharing the light and wisdom you've discovered — then turn around, and help another do the same.

Imagine a future where this kind of story mastery is the norm…

So what say you? Would you like to be part of this story? Join me

The Just Story It Mission

To grow leaders into superb storytellers so they are even more impactful, influential, and get the results they desire. To bring storytelling and its principles into everyday business operations so companies can excel. To grow nonprofits' fundraising results and visibility. To have individuals and companies directly experience the return on relationship, engagement, loyalty, innovation, retention, and finances.

"6,000 stories later, how did this all turn out? Well, replied the CEO of Lakeland Health, within 90 days we were at the 95th percentile [of patient satisfaction scores] ... for the first time ever."

The Story Is Just The Beginning . . .

I'm sitting in a cafeteria of a global financial services firm on Wall St., waiting for the meeting to begin. 1200 staff are gathered to hear about a big change initiative being launched, and we are all excited. The executives lumber up to the head of the room and start talking. As I glance around I see lots of the people shifting in their chairs, checking pagers, whispering to neighbors, and some eventually nodding off, while the executives monotonously shared charts, graphs, and bullet points. Ugh! Boring! My heart sank because I knew right then and there that this 6-figure project that had taken a year of planning and work, was absolutely going to fail.

Why? Because no one was sharing stories about the change -- what needed to happen and why. "What a colossal waste of time, effort, and money!" I thought to myself. Never again on my watch. At the next meeting, gone were the charts, graphs and bullet points. Stories ruled. Staff was engaged. Change happened.

What happened next

The field of business storytelling was just beginning -- I could count qualified business story professionals on two hands -- twice. And me? I just wanted to work with storytelling! It was the perfect time to jump in and do the work I love.

So I took stock. I had a experience with senior executives. I'd been trained by some of the top performance storytellers in the country. I also had a PhD where I learned narrative practices. It was a perfect trifecta of skills.

In addition to that, I'd spent years in the trenches of the human potential movement, getting trained in transforming human behavior.

So I launched Just Story It in 2001 and got busy. It's been an amazing ride, a ton of fun, and lots of amazing work. 

Until one day...

In 2004 I took a break from story coaching/consulting to run the National Storytelling Network, an international association of storytellers. My focus was to increase the visibility of storytelling across the country. I loved that job and the strides we made. But I knew I could only take it so far.

In 2011 after coming back to my coaching/consulting practice I launched the Just Story It Curation on the platform. The world of business storytelling had exploded and everybody was getting on board. Tons of junk with questionable information was making it onto the web. I wanted to find the best pearls I could on the topic, share them with others, plus present exciting cutting edge advances happening in business storytelling. I tried curating and struck a nerve! 

Four years later I've reviewed 2000+ articles, have 16,000+ followers, 103,000+ visitors, and 51,000+ shares/comments. It is now the largest free library in the world on business storytelling for people like you to use. Clients love it. Yahoo!

All along I worked with clients like WE Lead Cincinnati, Social Venture Partners, Princess Cruises, Beaver Medical Group, Just In Time For Foster Youth, and others.

And then...

In 2013 the Wiley Dummies brand approached me to write Business Storytelling For Dummies. The book was written and published in 2013 with the help of my co-author and biz story colleague Lori Silverman. Within a year it was a national bestseller. LOL -- at the same time I delivered a TEDx talk on the power of story listening to get work done. Talk about a crazy time -- but wonderful, too.

until finally...

Between 2013-2015 I spent a great deal of effort honing my skills as a textile artist with nationally renowned fiber artist Jane Dunnewold in her 2-year Mastery Program. My goal was to create fabric panels of storytelling principles I use with clients so I could create visual memories to leave behind. At the same time I was being coached by business consultant Alan Briskin, author of "The Power of Collective Wisdom" and "Bringing Your Soul To Work" about linking my story work, art work, and client needs/solutions together. What a dynamic combo. And a huge success. Check out some of the panels. Clients say, "Wow!"

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Story on --


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