Client Stories

Gail Walker owned a daycare center in a left-behind area of San Diego known as the
Bronze Triangle. She and the parents of the children in her center had a dream of a
revitalized and vibrant community. The day care center owner started on a quest and on
the sheer force of her presence, received grants, and assistance to develop that
community. But now it was time to develop housing and involve the city and county
stakeholders in a big way. I worked with the center owner and others in their community
to craft their stories so they were cohesive and compelling. Their stories inspired others.
Key stakeholders came on board. Coalitions were made. Millions poured in. The
community is realizing its dream today. Walker founded the Bronze Triangle Community
Development Corporation and remains its President to today.
A start-up technology company client (Telena Communications) had a great product and
brilliant engineers. They had a great product and brilliant engineers, but they couldn’t
communicate their way out of a hat. They needed investors to bring the product to
market. During our sessions, each principal crafted their own personal story that
conveyed their products’ uniqueness, plus their passion, dreams, and relevant life
experience. After working together to craft their compelling story, they were able to raise
close to a million dollars in initial seed money.
One client, a former California State Treasurer, was interviewed
by a national financial magazine while he was running for state office. He was
exceptionally well prepared with all the correct facts and data. When the article
appeared, the writer ended by saying the candidate was the most boring person he had
ever interviewed. Where was the passion? Where was the leadership vision?
He was devastated and knew he needed help because his ideas were not getting across
and sparking action. After working together however, not only was he telling his
compelling life stories, this politician received standing ovations. He inspired others with
his leadership stories and vision. Even more, he found ongoing inspiration through
continually exploring his stories.
Princess Cruises’ marketing department had been working hard to articulate its brand
values. Yet when they went into the field to chat with customers they came away
frustrated. They couldn’t find the customer stories to know if they were on track. After
working with Karen they understood the mistakes they were making trying to evoke stories
from customers, and ways they could craft better stories. They hired Karen to help them with their storytelling, and then collect passenger stories during a cruise. The project was a huge success, generating over 230 stories/anecdotes/tag lines to share in marketing projects. The project also sparked several internal story projects with staff.

A Sampling Of Our Clients:


Chase Manhattan Bank

Walt Disney Imagineering

Princess Cruises


Just In Time for Foster Youth

Beaver Medical Group

Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce


SIAC (Securities Industry Automation Corporation)

City of Bakersfield, CA

San Diego Grant Makers


Select Conferences and Talks:

Vistage International                                                      SDPCA

Connected Women of Influence                                     ASTD

National Communication Annual Conference               National Storytelling Festival

ASAE Conference                                                           Storytelling Self Society Conference

StoryCon Conference                                                     Pacifica Institute

Expanded Learning Institute Conference

Smithsonian Associates Program, Organizational Storytelling Conference