VIP Day Intensive Accelerating Your Storytelling

Ignite your storytelling


The VIP 1-day intensive is for the business professional who knows they are meant to play full out. They are ready to immediately accelerate their success into a new level of leadership, influence, and impact.

Your VIP Day is a 6-hour intensive where we come together to compress multiple sessions of story coaching and story strategies -- into just one day.

When you want...

  1. A complete analysis of your storytelling
  2. Honest feedback
  3. Fast story fixes
  4. An story implementation strategy to expand your business results

...then this program is for you.

Here's what happens in our 6-hours together:

  1. I assess your storytelling skills and give you live 1:1 coaching
  2. We articulate your story goals and create tailored strategies for you to build your storytelling skills over the next 6-12 months
  3. We figure out your story mindsets, the specific shifts you need to make, and how to make those shifts
  4. We put together the list and highlights of your 7 unique Signature Stories
  5. We create a tailored plan so you'll know your exact steps for reaching your goals
  6. I follow this up with two 1.5 hour 1:1 coaching sessions within a month after your day
  7. You get tips, tools and worksheets to get you started
  8. Plus more!

Experience the great results business storytelling can bring to you.

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6-month 1:1 Coaching Program

Karen's 6-month storytelling coaching program focuses on building you into a master storyteller through her amazingly powerful Transformational Storytelling Program (TSP). By the time the program is finished, you have built storytelling skills, capabilities and results from the storytelling journeys you choose to focus on: 

  1. Your Story Blueprint -- also offered as a 1-day intensive where we map your story strategies and create and together create an implementation plan.
  2. Personal Branding -- learning to tell your stories authentically and conveying your uniqueness
  3. Signature Stories -- crafting and telling your signature business stories
  4. Storytelling For Influence -- nailing the dynamics of story sharing
  5. Effective Data Storytelling -- marrying numbers and narrative for more impact
  6. Inspiring Presentations -- never be boring again; avoid death by PowerPoint
  7. Transformational Leadership -- personal growth through your stories
  8. Transformational Teams -- creating high performing teams with storytelling
  9. Transformational Culture, and much more! -- mastering your ability to change organizational culture, your community, the world

Build storytelling skills generating your authentic, irresistible, unforgettable presence that move people to action and make a difference.

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