Stories In Consumer Brands -- Connect and Endure

Karen has helped a variety of consumer brands with their storytelling. With marketing specialists for LG electronics, she spearheaded a story gathering project to help the company connect to user values, identify needs, and highlight buyer's experiences with the brand. Similar work was done for Princess Cruises. Karen helped Disney in a knowledge management project gain know the qualities of an enduring icon, how they begin to disintegrate, and what to do to preserve the brand.

Karen is talented in collecting your customer stories and digging into them to help you find just the insights you need. Use her knowledge and experience to move boring product descriptions into engaging stories that connect with customers.

Stories in Services & B2B -- Stand Out

Got competitors? Then how do you stand out from others and capture attention in a crowded field? Finding and sharing your unique set of stories is the answer. If Karen's financial services clients, CPAs, business service consultants can find their competitive edge through storytelling, then so can you. Never leave money or opportunities on the table because you don't have stories to tell.

Stories in Nonprofits -- Raise Funds, Make A Difference

Karen has helped neighborhood redevelopment groups, collaborations of government and service providers, nonprofits servicing specialized groups, philanthropic organizations, and firms with a social cause tell their stories for greater visibility, winning grants, and raising a lot more funds. She's helped nonprofits build storytelling into daily work to create self-sustainable storytelling that becomes part of their DNA. They never run out of stories to tell.

Stories In Lobbies -- Surround Yourself With Stories

Karen calls this very special program "Storied Spaces". Bringing your company's values and vision to life is hard work. Embedding your core stories into your physical spaces (lobbies, cafeterias, meeting rooms, retail spaces, etc.) makes this job tons easier. Employee pride, engagement, brand identity, and shared realities improve. With her background in architecture and her alliance with the designers at JVA Art Group, she can do that too!

Storied spaces with jva art group. copyright jva art group

Storied spaces with jva art group. copyright jva art group