Hacking Storytelling & Accelerating Your Results

Storytelling shortcuts and workarounds to save you time

Hacking storytelling is soooooooooo important these days. In our fast-paced world who has the time to spend hours and hours on storytelling?

What we all need are quick solutions for building your storytelling. Well, that's why I'm here and that's what we are going to work on -- storytelling hacks to accelerate your storytelling skills.

I've been at this so many years that I can give you simple tasks to build your storytelling competency, leading to personal and business transformation. I've got a ton of them.

But really -- what the heck is a hack or hacking? It's:

Discovering a different path, shortcuts and workarounds, clever or skillful tricks, or innovative twists to existing/outdated technologies, in order to break the code, decipher complexity, influence outcomes, and gain access.

Sounds like just the ticket. 

Let's get real though. Hacking storytelling is great if it leads to transformation. It's terrible if it's only a quick trick that leaves you still in the land of mediocrity or worse. My storytelling hacks build on each other. Together they grow your impact, influence, and ability to inspire others. 

So hacking is part of the journey, not a substitute for it.

You get to work them -- more than once. It's like going to the gym: to build your storytelling muscles you've got to pump iron. Take the hacks I give you and work 'em! LOL, I didn't get to deadlift 200 lbs by sitting on my you-know-what :) And you won't master storytelling if I give you a hack and you just sit on your you-know-what.

So let's get started. What storytelling hacks do you need to begin? I always start story awareness hacks.

Why awareness? Because being aware means you gain first hand experiences, "ah-hah's", or knowledge about storytelling.

It will make you:

  1. much smarter about storytelling
  2. gain lots of clues about what makes a good story
  3. know what works/what doesn't
  4. figure out where storytelling happens
  5. discover what gets in the way of storytelling

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts on hacking story awareness that I use all the time with my CEOs and senior executive coaching clients.

With these story awareness hacks you will become aware, cognizant and sensible about storytelling -- far more than most people. You'll gain a big leg up in the storytelling game.

In other words, you are on the alert and starting to crack the storytelling code.

I can yammer at you all day long about being story aware -- OR, you can take each hack, do it, and build your storytelling skills from direct experience. Yahoo!

Comments? Questions? Post below...

Karen Dietz, PhD, Just Story it