Round Table Discussion

Story work is a business core competence. If you work in any organizational development capacity within an enterprise, knowing how to work with stories will make a resounding difference.

Stories can hinder progress, or accelerate it. Stories are the oil that keeps the wheels turning.

Organizational culture is comprised of a multitude of stories creating a story field. Building an awareness of the various applications of storytelling comes first. Knowing how to link and work with the dynamics of storytelling and the story field to key business issues comes next.

Here are the opportunities for leveraging story in your organization:

  1. Sharing stories through each phase of the change cycle creates shared meanings, the social creation of a new reality – and change
  2. Understanding story dynamics makes working with Appreciative Inquiry all that much easier
  3. Excelling in virtual environments and reducing virtual distance is dependent on effective story sharing
  4. Linking measures to storytelling to fast-track progress
  5. Having storytelling do all the heavy lifting for you in meaning-making and knowledge transfer, making programs ‘stick’
  6. Allowing practitioners to get to collective group wisdom via story sharing technologies that breed innovation, creativity, and empowerment
  7. Developing leadership and executive presence through the art and science of story
  8. Creating living, breathing Vision, Mission, and Values through effective story sharing

Don’t miss out on the power of story for your company.

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Wondering where you can use stories? Check out our map of story applications within an organization.
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