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data Storytelling: How to move from information, to insights, to business value impact

Realize the essential mind shifts for disciplined inquiry that generates results, and understand the repeatable process for uncovering 3 different levels of actionable insights that drive business value. Then master the ins-and-outs of data storytelling to drive decision making.


storytelling for influence: inspire others and get projects funded

Then discover and practice the principles of compelling communication and storytelling that Warren Buffett, Indra Nooyi, and Richard Branson use. Learn how to deliver your ideas, build your influence, and facilitate decision making. Discover the secrets and power of story listening to build engagement, make better decisions, and get the buy-in you need.


STAND OUT storytelling: THE ESSENTIALs OF compelling Communication

When you crack the communication code, business gets a lot easier. Know the seven Signature Stories every CIO needs to tell, learn to evoke experiences from others for even greater impact, and apply these principles for upgrading your technology vision to win the talent wars.


Inspiring Presentations

Learning how to structure your presentations as a narrative and include stories is the fastest way to connect with your audience and move work forward. Yet as a leader, who ever taught you how to really tell great stories and integrate them into a PowerPoint designed around narratives? This workshop teaches you this, plus more. We work on your real-world presentations to make the training stick.


Narrative strategies for accelerating results

Crafting a story is only 20% of the work in mastering storytelling. Delivery skills and application know-how is 80% of the work. Discover what stage you are in with your business communication and what to focus on next, then determine your strategies and actions steps to really leverage business storytelling to grow your leadership, build strong cultures, win the talent wars, build high performing teams, weather change, and transform your world. Assess your influence skills and narrative application opportunities. Using specialized tools and worksheets, create your plan to move forward fast. Perfect for executive teams who want a storytelling strategy to leverage powerful communication for greater effectiveness, alignment, and growth.


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