Book: Business Storytelling For Dummies

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Book: Business Storytelling For Dummies


Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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Use storytelling to influence people and move them to action with this national best selling book.

Need to get your point across? Get staff on board? Foster collaboration? Increase sales? Stand out in a crowded marketplace? Build customer loyalty? Align people around your vision? Grow your business?

Business Storytelling For Dummies empowers you to do this -- and more. Learn how to harvest the power of a good story to influence prospects, customers, colleagues, team members, sponsors, and funders. Major sections cover:

  1. Getting started with business storytelling
  2. Creating compelling stories
  3. Sharing your story
  4. Bringing stories into your work

Connect with your audience and drive business to new heights.

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Then check out Karen's DIY Story Kit, a companion product which contains all the worksheets and templates to help you find and bring your stories to life.

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