PDF Download: The JSI Narrative Kit


PDF Download: The JSI Narrative Kit


For when you want to jump in and get started building an inspiring and engaging business culture based in narratives on your own. Complete the activities, worksheets, checklists and templates at your own pace. This 70-page workbook is a perfect compliment to the book Business Storytelling For Dummies (2013). It contains all the worksheets we couldn't put in the book.

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1. Introduction

  • CHARM Story Cycle Guide
  • 7 Elements To Story Success

2. Collecting Stories

  • Your Core Stories Worksheet
  • Where To Find Stories Worksheet
  • Evoking Stories Guide & Worksheet
  • Stories & Relationships Guide
  • Be A Story Catcher Guide & Worksheet
  • Creating A Story Vault

3. Honing Stories

  • Story Structures That Inspire and Influence Worksheet
  • Emergency Story Spine Template
  • Emotions Impact Worksheet
  • Essential Story Elements Checklist
  • Improving Stories Worksheet
  • Getting Ready To Tell: Creating An Image Deck How-To Guide

4. Applying Stories

  • 7 Deadly Sins Of Biz Storytelling Guide
  • Knock Their Socks Off Presentation Checklist
  • Wake Up Your Data Worksheet
  • Stand Out From The Crowd Networking Guide
  • Making Change Happen Through Stories Worksheet
  • More Places For Applying Your Story Skills Worksheet
  • Better Decision Making—The Story Media Chart + Worksheet
  • Keeping It Going—Your Sustainable Storytelling How To Guide
  • Keeping You Out Of Trouble—The Story Ethics Guide

5. Renewing Stories

  • Getting Your Mojo Back Worksheet: Creative Ways To Refresh Your Stories
  • Personal Values List

6. Mining Stories

  • Story Mining — Going For The Gold In Your Stories Worksheet
  • Worksheet Examples