Be less worried about finding your next customer...

...and build your business storytelling skills FAST

Stand out from your competition, find what makes you unique, and grow your ability to attract business

Next 6-week virtual coaching program starts Oct. 23, 2017

In today's data-drive distracted world, if you want business results, you've got to authentically connect with people, keep their attention, and inspire action through narratives.

  1. Wish you could easily be the star and differentiate yourself from the crowded competition?
  2. Yearn to have more word-of-mouth marketing that draws customers to you?
  3. Long to speak about your business and be a hit?
  4. Want to influence people to action and triumph?
  5. Don't have time to devote to a weekend workshop, yet need to outrun your competition right now?

Yes, it's frustrating trying to figure out business storytelling on your own

  • Trial and error takes way too much time. 
  • Story confusion, poor crafting skills, and lack of confidence makes your impact in the marketplace much smaller.
  • Money and opportunity are left on the table.

But here is what's at stake:

86% of customers say loyalty is primarily driven by likeability

83% of customers say loyalty is primarily driven by trust

90% of customers are more likely to trust and buy from a company they hear about from someone else (i.e. stories about you)

Without stories that draw customers and staff in, engage their emotions and imagination, and build their trust, business is going to get even tougher.

If you want Victory, it's time to take action

This 6-week virtual story coaching program delivers

You’ll be surprised how fast your storytelling skills and influence grows

Brad is a successful CEO of a training company, but the online courses were not enrolling as well as they used to. He knew storytelling was a key ingredient, and realized too many were missing. In particular, the company's Origin Story was completely absent. In the Story Champions program he discovered how powerful his Origin Story is, and honed it to perfection. He then added his Origin Story to many of the company's presentations. The result? Business really picked up.

You've got to stand out from the crowd, influence with impact,

and Grow business

so Crack the storytelling code . . .

. . . with the Story Champions virtual coaching program.

  1. Get your Origin Story done. This is the story explaining your "why", what makes you unique, and your impact on the world. It creates emotional connection, trust, and authenticity. 
  2. Build your storytelling skills
  3. Accelerate your business results

This program brings it all to you in an easy to complete modules

This 6-week virtual coaching program is only available to 15 people

offered only once a year

October 23 - December 8, 2017

Tackle your Origin story – the story of What Makes You Unique

You Origin Story is what propelled you into your business or career, and what you offer that's different from others.

  1. Find your “why”
  2. Find your uniqueness (Unique Selling Proposition or USP)
  3. Find your story
  4. Find your voice

Gain a story you can use for years to come that will always set you apart from the competition and be in the lead

Use practical tools and plenty of practice sessions to:

  • Understand the neuroscience behind storytelling and why it works to strengthen your story crafting skills
  • Differentiate stories from boring corporate speak
  • Explore the 7 Signature Stories every person needs to tell
  • Build your Origin Story for maximum impact
  • Acquire essential story preparation skills
  • Practice your story in a supportive and empowering environment
  • Generate confidence in your storytelling skills
  • Make your messages stick
Photo by Silberkorn/iStock / Getty Images
Harry was the founder of a stress management company that was growing. But he and his team were having a hard time breaking into a new corporate market. They had a lot of competition and needed to find a new edge. Through digging into and re-crafting Harry's Origin Story, that new edge emerged. Confidence soared and it wasn't long before they had the ear of new corporate clients.

Personal Outcomes

  1. Discover how to think, speak, and present in stories
  2. Avoid storycrafting and storytelling pitfalls that trip people up
  3. Conquer your speaking jitters
  4. Build trust, connection, and authenticity with audiences so you can win big
  5. Use your time effectively
  6. Be inspired and motivated by your own story

business outcomes

  1. Build your brand
  2. Show how you make a difference
  3. Grow your word-of-mouth marketing
  4. Stand out in a crowded field
  5. Move people to action
  6. Increase sales
  7. Inspire staff and customer loyalty

What doesn't work -- and what does get results fast

After years of individual coaching and group workshops I’ve learned that for any real results to happen – that stick -- you need a small group and specially crafted activities to turn you into a Story Champion.

  1. Reading a business storytelling book will make you smarter, but not a master storyteller. I know – I wrote the book!
  2. Multi-day business storytelling workshops are expensive, take time, and often require travel.
  3. Online courses don’t work. More than 90% never finish them.

My 6-week Story Champions program is a unique delivery system, based on field-tested, time-tested techniques creating success. 

This special program is nowhere else available.

It's a 6-week sprint to rapidly build This critical story and your story skills

October 23 - December 8, 2017

Everyone walks into the Story Champions program feeling story challenged in some way.

  1. At the end of Week 1 past participants are totally astonished by the insights and awareness they are having
  2. By the end of Week 3 compelling stories are shared
  3. By the end of Week 6 people are thrilled with their story and their confidence to tell it

The wins add up fast.

Who exactly needs this program?

Anyone who wants to advance their work, their career, forge alliances, and make a difference in the world.

Executives, vice presidents, managers, officers, and anyone who needs to deliver compelling presentations for career success.

audience clapping4.jpg

Being part of a small group magnifies your learning and maximizes your results

Taking small steps each week creates impressive storytelling skills

Frequent wins swiftly build your storytelling skills

What is included

A unique virtual system 'delivered-to-your-door' of:

  1. Short snack-able micro-activities
  2. My feedback suggestions for upgrades within 24 hours every time you submit a new piece
  3. Worksheets & tools
  4. Two “I’m stuck!” 20-minute breakthrough laser coaching calls
  5. Weekly calls for Q&A plus story sharing and coaching to hone your delivery

These storytelling activities soon turn into story practices you’ll do without even thinking

Leadership Stories.jpg

Winning At Storytelling

For an athlete to win, they work at their sport all the time.

That’s what brings home the gold and makes them champions.

The truth is you can’t build storytelling skills in an afternoon workshop or by reading a book.

Mastering storytelling happens through practice. That’s when you see hard-core results. There is no shortcut.

Masterful storytelling doesn’t happen alone – you need a short tailored program with a small group of people to so your learning skyrockets.

Stacy, an award-winning singer and voice coach. She wanted to bring in more clients and was frustrated with how she was talking about her services. She felt she wasn't compelling or connecting like she used to. She was getting discouraged and losing some of her own personal fire. Being in the Story Champions program she reconnected to her own passion for her work, re-inspiring herself, and inspiring her prospects. Her confidence soared and so did her business. Stacy was transformed...and all in 6 weeks.

Your Invitation

I only offer the Story Champions program once a year.

I’m looking for participants who understand practicing and sprinting, and who are willing to go the distance -- who are willing to be Story Champions, so they can make a real difference in their business and the world.

I only take 15 committed people. Are you one of my 15?

Runs October 23 - December 8, 2017


You are not alone. I'm dedicated to your success...

...and with you every step of the way.

I keep track of your progress to cheer you on, make a suggestion, or comment on an insight you’ve had.

During our weekly recorded group calls I share more storytelling tips, and you can ask for help right on the spot. You can even share your story for immediate coaching on how to tell for maximum impact.

I’m there for you 100%. If you commit to this 6-week sprint, your success is ensured.

Come join me. Be one of the 15.

Growing Your Impact, Influence, and Income
Karen Dietz, PhD is a veteran in business storytelling, and is one of the originals in the field. She works with leaders who want to harness the power of storytelling to make a difference, inspire others to action, create engagement plus alignment, leave a lasting legacy, and never be boring.
Even Disney needed a Little Help with Storytelling
In working with stories, Karen draws on her know-how to provide practical experience, guidance, and Just Story It kits that get the job done. Her clients include Walt Disney Imagineering, Chase Manhattan Bank, Avery Dennison, Thrivent Financial, Veterans Administration, Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Citrix, and Princess Cruises.
Recruited for The Dummies Series
As a speaker and storyteller for business, John Wiley publishers recruited Karen for their Dummies series. Her deeply rich how-to book Business Storytelling for Dummies, was published, quickly praised, and became a bestseller within a year. Since 2005, Karen is featured in a total of 8 books on business storytelling.
An “A” as an Author and Academic
She received her Masters and PhD from the Department of Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania, where the department and was the most advanced place to study in the field when Karen attended. She is also the former Executive Director of the National Storytelling Network, a national association of 2,400 performance storytellers. 

Runs October 23 - December 8, 2017

$1,747.00 until October 16, 2017

After October 16, 2017 -- $1,997.00