1. Why Stories? Why bother? OK, How Do They Really Work? Here are the answers . . .

Everybody has their version of why stories are so powerful, and why we need to bring them into business life to generate results. Here’s mine (and some how-to steps to take). After finishing this how-to booklet you will:

  • Understand why stories work so much better than other types of communication
  • Experience how stories are so powerful
  • Know the process for building story skills
  • Start building mastery in story skills

In this booklet I go over the Old and New realities facing us today, how and why stories make a difference, the effects of stories on our brains, and show you how to get started. To delve into storytelling and get a lot smarter in how and why it works, download the booklet here.

2. Narrative Forms: What the Heck is a Story Anyway? Why Can’t I Just Use An Example?

Here’s an indispensable tool for figuring out what is a story and what isn’t a story. The chart shows different narrative forms typically found in business life. Not everything that is called a story is one! The chart is a simple reference guide. The Narrative Forms document lists each type of narrative (story, example, case history, etc.), includes a definition for each form, and demonstrates how the same story looks and feels in different forms. Includes a working definition for a story, along with some activities to do to help you figure out if something that is being called a story really is one! Download this NARRATIVE FORMS guide here.

Three People Sharing Stories About Their Busines

3. How Do I Gather Stories From Clients/Customers? 3 Steps to Story Gathering Guide

Do you want to gather stories from your customers so you can then share them with others? Not sure how to do that so you get the best stories possible? Tons of companies are posting customer stories on their websites and not doing a good job -- because most are not stories but just bits and pieces of information, opinions, or simple profiles. Use this template to get you started and headed down the right path. Download the free STORY GATHERING TEMPLATE here.

4. How Do I Gather Stories From Clients/Customers? 3 Steps to Story Gathering Guide

What are the core stories that every business professional needs to tell? Here’s a worksheet listing the 4 core stories to craft, that begins your repertoire of stories for speaking, sales, and marketing. Download the free CORE STORIES WORKSHEET here.

5. Are There Ethical Considerations With Stories? Absolutely! Find out what they are here . . .

Ethics of Organizational Narrative Work is a two-page document of ethical reminders when working with narratives in organizational life. Just some gentle reminders to keep us on the straight and narrow, build relationships and trust. Download the free ETHICS GUIDELINES here.

6. Looking for excellent Digital Storytelling Resources?

Download the free guide here.

7. What Do I Gain or Lose When Moving A Story Into Different Media?

Find out here. This a chart that goes through the different media stories get translated into: oral, written, video, etc. The chart Identifies which media are better suited for which use, plus what you will gain or lose when moving an oral story into another media. Read the rest of the article here: Download the Story Media Ladder here

8. Inspired Giving - HOW DO I USE STORIES TO INCREASE DONATIONS? (Non-profits)

One of the greatest challenges for non-profits today is how to increase donations. Sharing your stories is the secret that will have donors opening their wallets. Here is the PowerPoint presentation and worksheets I use when teaching non-profits how to increase donations through collecting and sharing their stories.