Solving the Data Gap: Your Roadmap from Data Insights to Real Results 

You are invited to a free 3-hour workshop in San Diego, CA for 10 technology leaders to discover new mindsets and frameworks when working with staff for:

  • Generating actionable insights from deep data
  • Creating better experiences for customers
  • Expanding your influence

Today’s technology leaders are faced with balancing execution, operational efficiency, revenue growth and cost savings while driving innovation in a fast paced ever changing environment. Leaders must:

  • Find insights today for improvements tomorrow
  • Influence key stakeholders to get on board
  • Clearly understand end-users’ critical needs
  • Create better experiences for customers

…but moving too slow leaves you further behind.

What if there were solutions that you could leverage across all these perspectives/fronts to move forward more quickly?

In this workshop, you’ll gain practical and essential strategies to:

  • Learn essential mindsets and a framework to unearthing hidden data insights to drive business value
  • Discover approaches and tools to understand your customer interactions, helping create sustainable, long-term revenue

This free workshop is limited to 10 participants who will walk away with concrete tools and next steps.

Date: Thursday, November 30

Time: 1:00 – 4:00 PM; free

Location: 7676 Hazard Center Drive, Suite 500, San Diego, CA 92108

Join facilitators Sean Van Tyne and Dr. Karen Dietz with decades of experience working with technology and Fortune 1000 companies.

Sean Van Tyne: International speaker, best-selling author and advisor, Sean is an industry leader that helps organizations like Sony PlayStation and BD Medical to deliver innovative solutions.
Karen Dietz, PhD: bestselling author and international narrative expert serving technology companies like Citrix and SIAC to generate insights, then grow their influence, impact and income.