Karen champions the effort to bring business storytelling into a core competency for every leader

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Story Coaching

Become a master storyteller. If you’re truly serious about expanding your storytelling skills to connect with the hearts and minds of people, Karen's in-the-trenches sessions will propel you to be your best.

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"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." Robert McKee, author

Story workshops

Karen Dietz takes boring information and turns it into experiences that stickCheck out sample programs. In her interactive workshops, participants work through the various levels of Storytelling 1.0 (the mechanics of story crafting), Storytelling 2.0 (building relationships through storytelling), and Storytelling 3.0 (how to ignite change and transformation through stories).

Experiential activities focus on where participants need to build the most skills as it relates to real work situations.

Workshops range from a half-day workshop, to a full day session with lots of practice sessions, to a series of 6 workshops to cover most aspects of business storytelling, to a 5-day retreat of immersive storytelling. All are interactive and geared for producing maximum business results.

Story Consulting

Build storytelling into your corporate DNA. Karen works with you to embed storytelling into daily work life. Never miss another story again. Create a storied culture. Win big.

Consulting is a mix of ethnographic work, strategies, tools, and practices to build storytelling skills, story dynamics skills, and story transformation skills within your company in ways that strengthens its culture, transmits values and vision, and sustains it through time. 

Projects have included:

  • Collecting customer stories to better understand their need states, product/service experiences, and unmet opportunities
  • Knowledge transfer programs within an organization
  • Internal story capture and sharing programs to strengthen culture and leadership

Talk with Karen about your specific needs so she can tailor a program for you.

“Because we work with former foster youth who have overcome extraordinary challenges to succeed, our organization has always had great stories to tell. With Karen’s unique blend of coaching, training and shared insight, we now also have great storytelling! She has done extraordinary work coaching the young people we serve, our staff, and even Board members, to share their stories to move and inspire others. With Karen’s, help we have elevated our communication to build advocacy and raise significant funds.”
— — Don Wells, Just in Time for Foster Youth