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Story Coaching

Whether its Fast Fix storytelling coaching for an upcoming presentation, a one-day intensive assessing your skills and putting a story strategy together for you, or a focused coaching program to build your storytelling skills, delivery, plus applications to every day work, there is a program for you. 

She brings defined and replicable processes, methodologies and tools to the table to get the work done. Her in-the-trenches training, coaching, and practice sessions will propel you to be your best and inspire others to action. 

Contact Karen about your specific needs so she can tailor your program.

Story Workshops & Speaking


All presentations are available as a keynote, breakout session, or workshop. Please contact Karen to discuss any specific needs you or your organization may have.

Email Karen for the latest offerings and tailored programs

Workshops include:

  • Data Storytelling: Wake Up Those Numbers and Make Them Stick
  • Storytelling for Influence: Leverage Storytelling Dynamics For Accelerated Leadership
  • Stand Out Storytelling: The Fundamentals of Crafting
  • Inspiring Presentations: Selling Through Storytelling
  • Story Strategies For Leaders: Bringing Storytelling Into Daily Work