Business storytelling coaching and training

Don’t leave money and opportunity on the table . . .

. . . because your storytelling isn’t working.

Compelling storytelling moves people to action.

  • Never be boring again

  • Share your vision story for greater alignment

  • Engage clients and staff

  • Enroll people in your projects

  • Attract talent and customers

  • Be inspiring and nail your presentations

Because you know, storytelling is one of the most in demand business skills of the century, so say the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, Financial Times, LinkedIn and decades of neuroscience research.

My talent is empowering and equipping you to be even more amazing and together, with others, make a bigger impact through the power of storytelling.

Leverage my time-tested storytelling coaching and training skills to accelerate your leadership and bottom-line results.

Karen coaches and trains rising stars all the way up to the Fortune 500, and nonprofits.

Check out her bestselling book Business Storytelling For Dummies and her TEDx talk. Sign up for her newsletter for business storytelling tips, tricks, and resources.

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Business Storytelling For Dummies
By Karen Dietz, Lori L. Silverman

4.6 out of 5 stars. "Excellent resource. Great digital links. Essential for anyone running a business." Amazon review


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Karen in action at Accenture

Karen in action at Accenture