The effectiveness of your leadership depends on your transformational communication intelligence

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There exists an invisible realm of powerful positive forces that typically aren’t harnessed by leaders. Yet when you unleash them, they make the following achievable:

Engagement Alignment Commitment Change

What happens? Winning the talent wars, an inspired workforce, a strong culture, and organizational shifts manifest.

You can use these powerful positive forces to confidently live into your future.

  • Find and share your vision story for greater alignment

  • Engage employees at all levels

  • Enroll people in your strategies

  • Break down barriers, stereotypes, and silos

  • Attract talent and customers

  • Boost your influence to another level

  • Be inspiring and authentic

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I coach and train rising stars all the way up to the Fortune 500, and nonprofits.

Influence, inspiration, vision, and change are all driven by impactful storytelling. Check out my bestselling book Business Storytelling For Dummies and her TEDx talk on the power of story listening to transform others. Sign up for my newsletter for resources and practices.

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I followed Karen’s simple yet powerful advice and over lunch doubled the annual donation we normally receive. Executive Director, San Diego nonprofit

"You have inspired me," he said. I was confused. I asked him what he meant. "The conversation that we had earlier in the week really touched me, I could tell you were actually interested in what I had to say, not only because I am the CSO, but because I could tell you value me as a person." WOW. I was speechless. I learned Karen’s secret process for influence and it worked. Angie M.


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Karen in action at Accenture

Karen in action at Accenture