Want an Inspiring Presentation?

Well.... I like this post and then I don't.

What do I like? I like the simple way the author lays out the structure of an inspiring presentation.

What don't I like? One of the 6 steps is "include a story." But if you look at all the steps, the ENTIRE presentation becomes a story -- which is way better. The author completely missed this.

The other mindset the author also completely missed was using the term “persuasion”. Persuasion is KITA (a kick in the rear end) when influence is activating a person’s inner motivations. Persuasion is often about manipulation ("eat your broccoli and you can have dessert"). Influence and being inspiring is about shifting mindsets by offering experiences. Stories are experiences :) One of the best says to both inspire and influence is through your narrative skills.

So remember when putting together a presentation that inspires others:

  1. Structure your entire presentation as a story using the steps in this post

  2. Include at least 1 quick story about a client & their results (or a product/service story) somewhere in your narrative presentation.

In other words, do both!

As a transformational leader, don’t leave home without your stories.