Karen's Books and Articles

Karen's Books:

Business Storytelling For Dummies, Karen Dietz and Lori Silverman; John Wiley & Sons (2013)

Your DIY Story Kit: Worksheets, Templates & How-To Guides For The Best In Business Storytelling, ebook, 2015

The Power of Values; A Guide for Business, with Katie L. Anderson.  Dubuque, IA:  Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. 1999

Everyday Heroes; Living Live by Your Values, with Katie L. Anderson.  Dubuque, IA:  Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. 1999

Karen has reviewed over 2,000 articles in business storytelling, with over 17,500+ followers. You can check out the articles and her reviews at: www.scoop.it/t/just-story-it

Here are the other books Karen has contributed to:

How To Speak Gooder: Brand New Rules for Public Speaking In A Digitally Distracted World, Liz Goodgold; 2015, Chapter 5 "How To Tell A Story And How To Sell A Story".

Circle Of The 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide for Innovators & Meaning Makers, David Hutchens; Wiley 2015. Contributed several sections.

Working with Stories in Your Community Or Organization: Participatory Narrative Inquiry, Cynthia Kurtz: Kurtz-Fernhout Publishing (2014).

Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes A Day To Communication Mastery, by Arthur S. Joseph. McGraw-Hill (2013). Chapter 5 “The Message and the Messenger: It’s Not Just Data. It Is Communication”

Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus: Capturing Knowledge for Gen X and Y Employees, 1st Edition by Ken Ball & Gina Gotsill; Cengage Learning (2011). Contributed to various chapters talking about storytelling for knowledge transfer.

Storied Careers: 40+ Story Practitioners Talk About Applied Storytelling by Katherine Hansen (2009) 

Wake Me Up When the Data is Over; How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results by Lori Silverman. Jossey-Bass (2006). Wrote the Foreword and Chapter 6, “Who Said Money Isn't Everything? Story is the New Currency in Financial Management.”

The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling; Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative by Stephen Denning. Jossey-Bass (2005). Chapter 6, “Transmit Your Values: Using Narratives to Instill Organizational Values.”

Sampling of Articles By Karen dietz, Phd

“Crafting Irresistible Business Stories” Women Lead magazine, Spring 2016, page 13.

"Be Dynamic, Not Mechanic: Effective Business Storytelling" Talent Management magazine, March 2015. http://www.talentmgt.com/articles/7186-be-dynamic-not-just-mechanic 

Storied Infographics – Or How to Get People to Stand Up and Take Notice” COMMETRICS blog, January 2012. http://commetrics.com/articles/storied-infographics-why-do-they-fail/

Change That Sticks; Using Stories Effectively.” ON CUE magazine. Summer 2011; volume 33, issue no. 2; pages 6-8.

“Change That Sticks.” Haines Center for Strategic Management Newsletter. October 2009.

Get Unstuck: Using Storytelling for Group Problem Solving,” The 2012 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting, Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, pp. 35-38. Co-authored with Lori Silverman.

Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow: Gaining New Members Through Telling Stories,” The Executive, July 2011. Co-authored with Lori Silverman.

When Do I Get to Tell Stories as a Sales Professional?” in Creative Training Techniques, August 2010. Co-authored with Lori Silverman.

Whose Stories Really Matter in Prospecting?” in Creative Training Techniques, July 2010. Co-authored with Lori Silverman.

Winning Customers Through Story: A New Take,” in ManageSmarter, November 23, 2009. Co-authored with Lori Silverman.