You want:

  • Better data analytics skills
  • A method for gaining actionable insights that generates business value and fosters digital transformation
  • A compelling technology vision that rallies the organization
  • The best talent and high performing teams that last
  • The ability to communicate with impact, generate buy-in, and gain funding
  • Alignment around technology across the organization
  • The speed to respond and keep up with competitors

You've got:

  • Inordinate pressures to transform the business while keeping the lights on and driving costs down
  • Competing priorities and ongoing stress
  • Disparate divisions you are focused on influencing and bringing on board
  • Disengaged employees and lower productivity
  • Trouble winning and keeping the best talent
  • Staff who might not understand business drivers, business value, and customer expectations
  • A feeling you are not moving fast enough

What if I told you there are 2 powerful solutions

developed outside your industry

with direct application to your industry

That gets results in your industry?

There is a model, a process, and shortcuts that move your priorities forward and reduce the pressure valve you are under.

I invite you to our next free a two-hour introduction to the time saving difference xxx can make in your organization.

This is an exclusive free event only open to 10 San Diego CIOs/CTOs who are looking for solutions to some of their most pressing issues.

event outcomes

  1. Understand the exact mindsets and repeatable process for gaining actionable insights that drive business value
  2. Know the killer app and several hacks that will bring you more influence, alignment, and help you build a inspiring culture
  3. Learn the most effective way to communicate data with impact
  4. Discover the neuroscience of communication that will change the way you speak and deliver presentations
  5. Realize the core set of essential narratives every executive needs to tell to build trust, relationships, authenticity, loyalty, and move people to action

We love our technology solutions, but to bridge the gap between big data and digital transformations is a wide chasm.

Here's what's in the gap:

big data divide infographic.png

It's not just data analytics skills you need.

It's also being a compelling communicator with influence, the ability to generate high performing teams, and the ability to build a strong meaningful culture that attracts -- plus retains -- talent.

It's also having a defined process that allows our organization to find different levels of insights, drive business value, spark digital transformations, and make you indispensable.

good news

There are tools, techniques, methods and processes in the field of narrative science that offer simple solutions with powerful results.

Yes -- narrative science. It's the killer app and killer hack. As I said -- developed outside your industry with specific application to your industry that gets results in your industry.

In 2 hours you can experience how narrative science can streamline your data insights that you can turn into business value or market disruptions.


    Date: Thursday September 28, 2017

    Time: 1:00-3:00 pm

    Location: Hazard Center, 7676 Hazard Center Dr, Suite 500, San Diego, CA 92108, USA 

    • Come early and have lunch at BJ's restaurant next door to the building
    • Free parking below the building or in Hazard Center

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    I'm looking forward to seeing you there

    Dr. K. Dietz