The key to success? Changing minds

LinkedIn just published another study on the critical need for soft skills for career success. Their conclusion boils down to having skills that increase your ability to change people's minds.

LOL, the writer vows to never use the term "soft skills" again. As she says:

"A wealthy entrepreneur at Y-Combinator, the iconic investment firm behind startups such as Reddit and Airbnb, convinced me to stop using the term. During our conversation, he called out my mistake.

"Let's talk about a soft skill like storytelling," I said.  

"Soft?" he shot back. "If an entrepreneur can't tell a convincing story, I'm not investing. You call it soft. I call it fundamental."

And it translates into cash: "Even in the 'hard skills' jobs, persuasion sets people apart. "A coder who only knows technical skills might start at $40,000 to $80,000 in Silicon Valley. A coder who can speak to the client can easily command $120,000 and up."

Read the post for more stats and insights -- and keep working on those transformational communication and transformational storytelling skills. They will never go out of style and only increase your influence, impact, and income.