Top 10 Business Storytelling Posts in 2015 + 2016 Trends

I just published my newsletter where I list the articles in this curation that the received the most views in 2015. Check it out! Maybe you missed some of these posts and the free tools that are offered.

Of the 300+ articles curated last year, we received a whopping 21.5K views. Yahoo!

Each year readers want to know the most popular articles curated on the site. So here are the top 10. They had hundreds of views and an amazing number of shares.

Data storytelling leads the way, but a variety of other topics made list. When you click the link to get to the newsletter, you'll see I've included their reviews so you can figure out which ones to explore.

Now, what are my 5 predictions for business storytelling in 2016?

  1. I think data storytelling is going to continue as a hot topic as people wrestle with making big data meaningful
  2. Visual storytelling will be an ongoing area of interest as people try to tell stories visually really well
  3. Companies are going to finally drop storytelling as a push technology (pushing messages) and use storytelling as a co-creation between company and consumer.
  4. Storytelling will be recognized as a powerful mindfulness practice.
  5. We will see more variety in business storytelling structures and plots than before.

I'm looking forward to seeing which ones manifest! What trends in business storytelling do you see happening?

Enjoy these posts you may have missed, and go collect the tools that some offer. 2016 is going to be story amazing!

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