Conflict: 10 Different Types To Use In Your Business Storytelling

Everyone crafting stories says, "You've 'gotta have conflict!" Or a struggle, trouble, challenge to make it a great story.

But what kind of conflict exactly? Well, here's a post that lays out 10 types of conflict you can you in your story crafting. It's great stuff to know!

Here are a few to consider:

  1. Self versus Fate/God
  2. Self versus Self
  3. Self versus an Adversary
  4. Self versus Society/Institution (there are several different forms of this)
  5. Self versus Nature

I also really like that for each of the 10 types, an example is given and a video clip provided. Sweet.

Read the rest of the Conflict Types and watch the videos. Have fun with this one. Once you read it, maybe you'll see which conflict type you prefer the most, and which ones you can add into your repertoire.

Story on....