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How To Rock Fractal Storytelling To Save You Tons Of Time

Healthy Adaptive Organizations Have More Fractal Storytelling

David Hutchens is a long-time friend and fellow business storytelling colleague. I was interviewing him yesterday for the Storied Powered radio show, normally hosted by another colleague, Lianne Picot. As the guest host I asked David to join me to talk about his recent book where he talks about Fractal Storytelling.

I know you are wondering, "What the heck is Fractal Storytelling!?" It's the basic idea that stories people tell in organizations do not exist in isolation, they are always part of a larger shared story. Stories in an organization are linked together, parts of a greater whole.

The more Fractal Storytelling you have reflecting the themes and truths that define the company's bigger story, the healthier your organization is.

As David says in his book Circle Of The 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide For Innovators And Meaning Makers, "Imagine the power and adaptability of an organization in which everyone is creating aligned -- though wonderfully varied -- stories."

I love the notion of Fractal Storytelling. There are two whole sections of the book devoted to it, where David shares activities you can do to get at this fast, and create your organization's metanarrative. 'Gotta love that!

The activities he shares in the book include using Story Circles to surface Values In Action stories from people in your company. Then there's a great process for articulating your company's institutional memory and journey over time. He moves on to give us simple activities to do to work with the Hero's Journey that combined with the previous activities lead to the figuring out your metanarrative.

This will save you tons of time and is fun to do. No more bumping around in the dark wondering how to tap the multitude of stories within your company and understand the overall metanarrative they are telling you.

But that's not the only topic David and I chatted about yesterday during the interview! 

We started off the conversation talking about how our storytelling has changed over the years, why David felt the need to write Circle Of The 9 Muses, what processes in the book excite him the most, and why Fractal Storytelling is so important.

You can listen to our 50-minute conversation here. Go grab the book (it's my current favorite in my library), check out other interviews by Lianne on the Story Powered radio show, learn more about Lianne's Story Powered Institute, and if you are looking for tons of free resources, check out my Just Story It business storytelling curation on where I've reviewed over 2000 quality articles on the topic.

Have fun and story on!