Renewing Your Story: How The Founder of TOMS Is Reimagining Its Mission

This post, written by Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS (Tomorrow's Shoes), not only tells the story of how TOMS was founded, but also the process Blake went through to renew the company's story.

Renewing your business stories is a process everyone must eventually go through. But it is rarely talked about except as a "rebranding" exercise. 

Yet renewing your tired, old, worn-out, or stuck stories is fundamental to business success. You'll know it's time to renew those stories when you get bored telling them, or they just don't have the "juice" they once had.

So go read this post, discover Blake's journey for renewing the TOMS story, and evaluate whether your stories could use a refresh. If they do, then get busy 'cause 2016 is almost here!

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