The dynamics of Leadership and business storytelling

Here Sally J. Fox of Vital Presence interviews me about organizational life, leadership, and business storytelling. In particular we chat about the dynamics of storytelling -- how sharing stories builds relationships, influence, and strong cultures -- and offer tips and insights for listeners. Here's the link, and check out the other fabulous people Sally has interviewed.

what I learned from Karen dietz, co-author of "business storytelling for dummies"

Author and expert on CEO peer groups Ric Frazi recently interviewed me for his executive radio show, Critical Mass For Business.

The interview is 30 minutes long and Ric asked some great questions -- like "what's the difference between a storytelling and a story doing company?"

Enjoy the insights I share here, and subscribe to Ric's radio show. There's a ton of great information he and his speakers share with the world.

Trends in Business Storytelling

This is a recent interview with Karen by Lianne Picot for her radio show Story Powered.

During our 57 minutes together we have a great time talking about the trends in business storytelling I'm seeing, what I look for in articles to curate, and what you need to think about if you want to get started curating material.

I share lots of good tips. Enjoy the show and story on! Listen to it here

What's Your Story? Increasing Your Impact, Influence & Income With Business Storytelling

For the LifeStories Library I kicked off their educational series about storytelling strategies with this 30 minute webinar. During the webinar I share the system for working with business stories, why they work, the results businesses can expect, and how to get startedWatch it here

Storytelling for Leaders: The Secret Weapon to Connecting and Communicating

I was interviewed recently by Trish Sadar for her Women's Leadership online Summit. I talk about the essential storytelling skills leaders need in order to galvanize their success. Enjoy this 30-minute program. Listen to the interview here

How to Blitz Your Donations With Better Stories

I'm being interviewed by Danny Propp for his radio show "Solutions for Nonprofits". There are 4 12-minute segments to listen to. The 4 segments are:

  • Fundraising problems nonprofits might run into

  • Why storytelling works

  • Get your CHARM on: how to craft better stories

  • The 4 stories you need to collect and closing

 Here's the link

The Practice Of Leadership and Storytelling 

LOL -- it's a terrible picture of me, but a terrific podcast. I was interviewed by Annette Simmons of Group Process Consulting, and the author of The Story Factor (one of many). We talk about the practice of storytelling and how this practice changes the teller once you add reflection to your processListen here

The Power of Narrative Leadership In Organizations

I'd just finished writing Business Storytelling For Dummies when I was interviewed by Mary Alice Arthur of I share my story, talk briefly about the book, and focus on the power of organizational storytellingListen here

Building Business Trust And Relationships With Story

Lianne Picot interviews me for her radio show Story Powered on VoiceAmerica. I talk about the critical element of building trust and relationships with storyListen here