Workshop reviews

"Karen has tapped into a little known secret - stories impact the bottom line.  She knows that employees need to know the history and highlights about the companies they work for, and to feel that they are a part of that unfolding story.  A gifted storyteller herself, Karen leaves audiences with pearls they can apply right away."  - Sheri Nasim, President and CEO, Center For Executive Excellence

"I attended the workshop because I was skeptical and curious as to what business storytelling was. What I learned was brilliant and it’s going to be a game changer in my sales and marketing. I tried out what I learned at a networking event. Mary asked me how my business started and I knew it was my chance to tell a great story. Instead of telling the facts and years of when and how and who, I told the story of how the first generation owners met and their romance that led to myself and my husband owning the business. She was almost in tears listening to me tell the story. I then told her that I was using business storytelling to see how it worked and I’d skipped the facts that I used to say when asked the same question. She was floored and told me to NEVER tell it the facts way and to ALWAYS tell the story that I told to her. She said she’d never forget the story I gave her. Then she turned around and told my story to the other women at our table because she was so excited to hear it! Ta Da – word-of-mouth marketing in action!"  Susie Clisson, West County Tire & Automotive Inc., Anaheim, CA

"The workshop made me look at storytelling for my business in a new light. It helped me find ways to tell the stories of our products, services, clients, and myself, which made it lots easier and less intimidating. I happened to be working on a re-launch of our website when I took the workshop and I was inspired to go back and rewrite almost all the copy. I think it's much stronger and more interesting now. Karen did an amazing job of reading the audience and flowing with the feedback and energy. I LOVE that the visuals in your presentation are art pieces you've done. SO much nicer than clip art or bad stock images."  Adrienne Grace, Grace/Pinto Communication Design, Anaheim Hills, CA

"I loved Karen's energy, entertaining manner of sharing the information, and the valuable information of storytelling. You'd be surprised at how much you will gain in such a short time. Everybody and every business should have a better understanding of story telling and Karen is the one to show you how." Bonnie L Silver, Best Selling Author, Lake Forest, CA

"After taking this workshop I have experienced a change in mindset. I'm approaching my marketing differently and incorporating storytelling. I also notice when others tell stories rather than "just the facts." So much more interesting. As a graphic designer, I gather most of my information visually. Approach me with too many facts and my eyes roll to the back of my head! The beauty of storytelling is that you create that vision in my mind's eye -- personally so much more effective if you want ME to retain your message! Take the time to attend Karen’s workshop. Experience the benefits that storytelling offers when connecting with people and promoting one's business." Donna Watson, Designer Mouse Graphic Design, Orange, CA

"I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate you speaking at our Women Leadership Summit for Emerging Leaders event! The lessons and tips you shared were so useful and enlightening.  I know every participant, regardless of their leadership level, gained tools that will serve them throughout their careers.  Story telling or rather Story sharing is such an important topic, and one that should be prioritized by every organization!  Your message was presented in such a manner that was inspirational, entertaining, and memorable. You are certainly a huge asset to ANY group, organization, or event who are looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker.  Your ability to connect and communicate is a wonderful gift... thank you for sharing with us!"  Patricia Sadar, People2Strategy

“This workshop changed my life. I came afraid I didn't have it in me; I leave confident that I do. Now I know I have the stories in me. I learned to trust the flow of my inner voice. I learned I could hold the space, keep an audience rapt. I will take this work with me in my work and in my personal life. And I will use it to advance social change.” J. Lunden, Portland, Maine

“From the beginning of the workshop to the end, I was immensely inspired by Karen’s delightful energy. I felt fed with the key structural elements needed to build a story, and the absolute necessity to give a series of images while experiencing and sharing the most important message they convey. Karen was tops.” Tahna Luuvas, Chico, CA

“A fabulous experience. I was delighted by my storytelling journey which was surprising to me in many ways . . . not least of which was being able to tell my story.”  Pete Bedesem

“I loved it.  Very instructional and transformational. The space created by Karen was very appreciative, caring and safe. I learned another useful too to put in my life skills toolkit belt. Karen was very knowledgeable and provided invaluable insight into my storytelling abilities. If there’s only one thing that I’ll take away from this workshop it is how important images are in communicating and expressing myself to others.”  Sam Molitas

“Karen is a superb teacher, leader and facilitator. Taking this class was a great gift for me.  I would love to take an advanced storytelling workshop with her. I witnessed the power of transformation in myself and in the group, the beauty and richness and depth of emotions through storytelling." Roger Gilbert

“Karen is a skilled and generous facilitator. Scheduling a follow-up advanced workshop would be great, as would having her be at here more than once a year. She managed to take a large group of people and create a safe atmosphere where everyone got to shine.”  L. Leff

“This workshop was so much more than I expected. The personal transformations, including my own, were amazing. I now know how much I don’t know about storytelling and would strongly encourage an advanced storytelling class be developed and offered.” Mick Walsh

“Of the 20-plus workshops I’ve taken through this organization, this would be my first choice to repeat. Karen creates a safe environment, powerfully encourages students to achievements far beyond their expectations. Not sure how she does it, but the results are amazing -- not just an emotional high but substantive improvements.” Pat Lawson

"Karen's storytelling workshop was fun, impactful, and effective! I learned several powerful storytelling skills, and was able to practice them real-time while getting positive feedback. It was meaningful to hear the stories of others in the workshop. My learnings will go far beyond the time spent with Karen. Go to this workshop! You'll be glad you did." Jeff Freedman, President, ClearPath Alliance