Why Cultivating Gratitude, Compassion, and Pride Builds Grit + High Performing Teams

Want high performing teams? What a high performing culture? The make sure you cultivate gratitude, compassion, and pride.

Why? Because as a leader, when you cultivate these 3 qualities it spurs collaboration, innovation, and satisfaction. The insights, advice, and research shared here definitely make the case. Plus it's another demonstration of the critical need for soft skills to make any organization more productive.

What's missing from this post by Harvard Business Review are suggestions for how to build gratitude, compassion, and pride. Well, it's really quite simple when you use defined story methods and practices.

For example, sharing stories of staff member's excellent work and the results they produce generates pride. Sharing positive stories of what goes on at work and expressing thanks builds gratitude. Effectively listening to stories grows empathy and compassion. I've experienced this personally with clients. An amazing amount of energy is unleashed that propels the organization forward. In a technical world, it's one of your best nontechnical solutions for leading people. 

Here's the real kicker -- in today's world where screens hold our attention, social connection suffers. Loneliness results. As a leader, harnessing story sharing is the best antidote there is. It connects people and builds relationships, which is vital to getting work done. Let's do it.

Enjoy this rich piece.