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Today's World -- The Rise of the Human Economy

Grab this. I like how the marketplace is being framed these days as the Human Economy. This is a natural extension of the Experience Economy.

As I read somewhere recently, coaching -- not gadgets -- is the key to improving performance. As a lover of technology, tools, gadgets, and systems I can attest first hand to the power of coaching for increasing my productivity. With the aid of a coach, my productivity has more than doubled at the same time I'm working less. Yay!

The lesson (once again) is: people and mindsets first. So what can leaders and CEOs do today to realize more of the Human Economy? Embrace the 7 Human Economy values as this author discusses. There’s a great diagram here, too.

Leading Into A Hard Future

"Interviewing leaders from around the world – from across industries and cultures – has given us great hope. Leaders from many of the world’s most successful companies are embracing these qualities. And in the process, they’re creating greater trust and happiness in their organizations, their communities, and our world." 

That's the quote from the author of this article from Forbes magazine. The three qualities the author discusses -- based on research with 35,000 leaders -- are:

  • Mindfulness

  • Selflessness

  • Compassion

In the fast-paced world of daily disruptions, why these three? Because these three qualities lead to collaboration and a focus on the common good instead of isolation and tribalism. Evolutionary biology continues to show us that collaboration for the common good is what propels us forward and gets us through hard times.

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