Your chance to learn Transformational Communication

Be more impactful, influential, and inspiring

An online course using Virtual Reality with Dr. Karen Dietz

For the second time I’m offering this groundbreaking — and affordable — online course in Transformational Communication for busy executives at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Executive Education Program. 

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What is Transformational Communication (TC)?

TC combines conversational intelligence with narrative intelligence. In other words, it’s all about upgrading your speaking and storytelling skills so you can move confidently into your future, and make a bigger difference in the world. It’s about…

Impact. Influence. Vision. Change.

And it all happens in UCSD’s virtual reality online platform, allowing for lots of interaction to build your skills.

Interaction is the bedrock for building your transformational communication skills. Because you can’t upgrade your communication skills by reading a book, listening to a PowerPoint recording, or talking to yourself.

By the time you’re done You’ll:

  1. Hone your conversational intelligence and narrative intelligence to leap forward at work.

  2. Focus on applying and testing your transformational communication and narrative skills at work in real time

  3. Craft at least 5 different transformational stories in class along with an influential presentation.

  4. Walk away with at least 9 different story structures to use that allow you to shine, spur decision making, enroll people in your project, product, or service, tell the data story, and amplify your vision.

  5. Learn my storytelling hacks to make story crafting and delivery tons easier

  6. Leave the course equipped with tools, experiences, and resources that you will rarely receive anywhere else.

Use Virtual Reality to build your skills!

During the entire 9-week class we use the VirBela virtual reality platform. Each week in class activities you work together in small groups or with partners to build your skills right then and there.

Can’t attend class? Find a buddy to enroll in the class with you. Use the VirBela platform to do all the class activities together in your time zone. Report on how it went.

Dates: April 8 - June 7, 2019

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build your transformational communication and storytelling skills in this course by:

  1. Setting goals for yourself so you can measure your progress in building these skills

  2. Building your conversational intelligence and apply what you learn at work

  3. Learning the neuroscience of storytelling and how to craft a story

  4. Realizing how to craft a compelling story

  5. Discovering your 7 Signature Stories and crafting your first one

  6. Understanding your audience so you can speak directly to them

  7. Experiencing the power of story listening for influence, apply what you learn at work with profound results

  8. Practicing getting way better at crafting and delivering a story using your new found story listening superpowers

  9. Building your visual language skills to be more impactful and memorable

  10. Figuring out where you are in the change cycle, which story you need to tell, and which ones you need to listen to for moving forward

  11. Discovering how to build a high performing team at work using storytelling

  12. Crafting your vision story to make an impact at work or to make a bigger difference in the world

  13. Experiencing how to take data and weave it into a story so you can accelerate decision making

  14. Delivering an influential presentation that moves people to action

  15. Knowing yours and other’s story styles, and creating a mini-narrative strategy to implement back and work.

  16. Using the tools, steps, resources, and activities provided in class

Use the code BusCom200off

Your Journey:

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Who takes this course?

Busy managers, executives, nonprofit directors, sales leaders, learning and organizational development professionals

  1. Up your communication game to be even more effective and influential communicators in business life

  2. Build practical communication, storytelling, and influence skills to use every day

  3. Apply these communication, storytelling and influence skills to specific projects in your current work

  4. Learn forward-thinking steps, tools, and processes to accelerate your results

PS — this counts towards a Project Management certificate :)

Accelerate your career

Accelerate your results

Accelerate your organization

Dates: April 8 - June 7, 2019

Use the code BusCom200off