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Stand Out Storytelling 1-Day Business Workshop

You are invited to Stand Out Storytelling

A 1-day workshop to find and nail your stories

This 1-day session -- Friday June 26, 2015 from 9am-4pm -- is specifically designed for business people like you who want to increase their impact, influence, and income in the marketplace today.

If you want to:

  1. Differentiate yourself and your business
  2. Gain referrals
  3. Make the sale
  4. Pitch a product/service
  5. Raise funds

Then join this 1-day business storytelling workshop with Karen Dietz to find, nail and use your stories. We'll dig into your stories, polish them up, and get you confident telling them.

Business Storytelling Matters Today More Than Ever Before

Storytelling is more than just a fad. It's one of the most in demand and hottest business skills of the century to develop. Its influence and significance is acknowledged by the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Inc. Magazine, and Fast Company, just to name a few.

When you crack the storytelling code business gets a lot easier. 

Don't leave money and opportunity on the table because your storytelling skills aren't working, or you haven't leveraged what it can do for your business.

8 startling results stories bring: 

  1. Connects Immediately
  2. Builds relationships
  3. Enrolls people in you, your products/services, your company, your cause
  4. Makes you stand out and blast past your competition
  5. Slides past objections and resistance when it comes to closing the sale
  6. Engages heartstrings and opens purse strings
  7. Shifts perceptions, inspires others
  8. Generates word-of-mouth marketin g

Register today to receive practical tools and plenty of practice sessions:

  1. Build your power skills in story listening + story evoking to learn about customers, snag sales, and retain business
  2. Find your stories and craft them so they entrance your prospects and close the sale
  3. Practice to get perfect -- in a safe environment
  4. Engage in group coaching where you and your creativity flourishes
  5. Generate confidence in your storytelling skills for ongoing success
  6. Learn your next steps for using stories to grow your business
  7. SPECIAL BONUS! How to set up your own story vault to easily capture your stories so you never run out

Nike does it. Patagonia does it. You can do it too.

When deciding whom to do business with, 73% of consumers say they want stories to learn about you, your business, your products/services -- NOT information. Stories are your currency.

People like you, trust you, and identify with you because of your story. Stories are the fastest way to connect with prospects, customers and be memorable.

Storytelling Is Critical When:

  1. Introducing a new product
  2. Developing leads and gaining referrals
  3. Attracting more opportunities and showcasing your value
  4. Raising funds
  5. Attracting the right employees
  6. Winning proposals
  7. Selling more business
  8. Differentiating yourself and your business

Everyone needs storytelling skills:

Business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, creatives, innovators, marketers, designers, content creators, MBAs, engineers, activists, change agents, nonprofits, and people with a social cause/dream to make a difference 

Date: Friday June 26, 2015 

Time: 9am to 4 pm

Location: first floor conference room, 4747 Viewridge Ave., San Diego, CA 92123

Investment: $299

Limited number of participants: 12 -- only a few spaces are left


Join Karen in growing your company or nonprofit

through effective business storytelling 

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