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San Diego Startup Week Workshop

Escape the Quicksand: A Practical Guide for Successful Growth

Cultivate the essential mindsets for success that sustain the long-term growth you need. We’ll have you rethinking your value proposition, reframing your perspective and making the smart financial decisions that will right your path, and give you practical guidance to success.

In this talk, we'll tackle:

  • Shifting the frame to find the right story to communicate. Stories develop relationships and frame the experience. Learn how to reframe your narratives to move past tactical messaging.
  • The duality of being present with a focus on the future: smartening up your business choices to build with intention, partner with honesty, and use your finances strategically.
  • Cultivating audience and client mentors to stay honest to the product’s true value to your market.

Sit in on this talk and learn the essential mindsets you need to successfully structure for growth. This practical discussion will refocus your mind and help you become a great founder or CEO.

Wed. June 27, 9:00-10:00 am

Limited seating available. Click here to RSVP