Leading with Vision: Creating the Future You Want

The number one skill leaders themselves identify as critical to their success is leading an organization with a powerful vision. The author of this posts gives us 5 steps to make this happen.

Yet there is also one significant mind shift the article doesn’t talk about that all leaders need to make in order to have leading with vision a reality: dumping the hero's journey. "What?!" you may be saying.

Yep -- the hero's journey won't help you here because it's a story about a lone individual overcoming challenges and bringing wisdom back to the group.

Vision storytelling, however, is about co-creating a vision and co-creating living that vision into the future. That's a group experience, not an individual one.

What follows are the 5 practical steps to leading with a vision. My only criticism -- and it's a HUGE omission -- is in #2 Co-Create Futures. Co-creating a future is dependent on both conversational and formal storytelling. It’s the stories we share about what is possible that brings us into our future. It just doesn't happen without it. Nowhere is this mentioned in the post.

Another point to remember when you read this post — analyzing data and quantifying possibilities are minor stepping stones in the process, not major steps. Vision creating and vision storytelling is about imagination and inspiration. Don’t get stuck in analyzing and quantifying so much that you suck the life out of the vision process.

But now you know. So add both of these tips in when going through the 4 steps.